Soniz Healthcare
We are a Chicago based company. Our main focus is on manufacturing and distributing reliable healthcare products ranging from disposables to nutraceuticals in the United States, at a competitive price and with extraordinary customer service. We also provide a software solution for a comprehensive and low-cost health information exchange (HIE) called V-Connect.

Soniz Healthcare, a privately held subdivision of Soniz Group, began it’s journey in 2013. Since then we have launched the sales of select group of products that cover the Medical Disposable & Supply, Nutraceuticals , Hospital Furniture, and Healthcare Software categories.

The healthcare industry is always improving and it’s need for better products to meet it’s vision is at the greatest right now. We believe in manufacturing and distributing products of the highest quality to surpass the industry standards. Not only are we focused on providing quality products but we specialize in fast and reliable delivery methods. This gives us the leading edge to help our clients. Soniz Healthcare is Bringing Better Products for a Better HealthcareTM.

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